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How to Make Your Injections Last Longer

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy to see my clients coming back to me😅 and still let’s talk about things that can potentially increase duration of the aesthetic results.

📌Schedule before it wears off

And it’s absolutely not about going overboard by having multiple appointments frequently (which, in fact, can lead to the opposite effect — even making your facial muscles resistant to the product!)

What we want to achieve by keeping regular schedule is to train you facial muscles to work without wrinkle-forming expressions and, hence, to make your visits to my clinic even less frequent.

Always feel free to contact me if you’re in doubts about scheduling your next injection.

📝Follow your injector’s instructions

After any procedure I’ll give you some post-care recommendations such as avoiding lying down, heavy exercising and drinking alcohol for the next few hours. Please, follow them to reduce any risk and prolong our desired beauty results.

👒Avoid sun exposure

Well… it’s not a secret that the sun burns and dries skin on many levels.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can also indirectly compromise results of aesthetic injections (as damaged by UV rays skin tries to heal itself breaking down toxins or fillers along the way).

I strongly encourage you to wear SPF and not to stay in the sun for long periods.

🤍Be kind to yourself

Last but definitely not least. We’re all given only one body -- and it 100% deserves to be loved. Eat well, sleep well, exercise or rest when you need it. Not only will you feel better but the results of aesthetic procedures will also last longer.



Healthy lifestyle makes toxin injections last longer
Be kind to yourself: not only will you feel better but the results of aesthetic procedures will also last longer.

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